Worth it

It’s days like today that make it all worth it.

From union halls in Flint to walking precincts in Las Vegas, from registering voters in Florida to slaving over an internet program at an office to DC, from watching my hometown wither to tears of joy on the National Mall, it’s all lead to this - to real change for the millions of Americans who aren’t getting enough from their health care.

This is why I pour my blood, sweat, heart, and soul into my work. A piece of me is in this amazing piece of history. This is a great day for all Americans who believe in a country that works for all Americans.

Health care is immensely personal to me. I am a cancer survivor and that means a couple of things:

  1. I have a humungous pre-existing condition.

    Under the old rules, I was all but uninsurable outside of the employer-based system (or outside of Massachusetts).

    I twittered about the real fear I lived with every day under the old system. I couldn’t lose my health insurance, not for one minute. It was a constant cloud over decisions about my career, my residence, and my life.

    I am so grateful that no one has to feel that fear ever again.

  2. I need more health care than anyone you know.

    I’ve been extraordinarily lucky. Few of the post-cancer complications I’ve faced have been truly scarring or worse. But from hepatitis C to intestinal polyps to mysterious headaches, I’ve seen nearly every kind of doctor there is as I fight my demons.

    Without good insurance, I simply don’t get better. Everyone - every single American - deserves that chance. Period.

I’ve seen health care in America and I know it is broken. Tonight, we’ve made huge strides forward in trying to fix it.

I am so honored, so humbled, and so grateful to have played a small role in helping America keep its promises.

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